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Greenscapes Digital – Digital Signage for Malaysia

 Digital Signage Malaysia

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There are several numbers of digital signage in the Malaysian market. As a buyer, it is crucial for them to know which type of signage that they should go for. Before buying a digital signage solution for their company or businesses , buyers should have a rough ideas on what this signage can offer.

There are 4 main types of digital signage

(1) Indoor Digital Display

  • These are the type that you always see in the shopping malls , hospitals and other indoor building. It is used by business to inform their customers about the list of services that they offer , information about the building’s map , notices or other messages that they want to make their customer’s aware. Because of its ease-to-use solution , this type of signage are among the top solution preferred by businesses.

(2) Digital Posters

  • It is the most cost effective signage. It is the cheapest of its product but yet it gives the complete solution to the users. It displays a high definition graphics or posters and it can work independently. The only feature which is lacking with this type of  signage is that it can only be updated manually using USB flash drive.

(3) Digital Menu Boards

  • You can find this type of digital signage in restaurant , bar owners or other eating places.  It is used to update the menus and other messages to their customers. This board is using an LCD monitor. Media player is connected to the monitor itself or it can be linked to the monitor using network.

(4) Outdoor Dynamic Digital Signage

  • As the name suggested , these type of signage are the one that are placed outside. It is connected via network so that any updates can be done remotely. You can always see these type of signage in an encapsulated box to prevent it from theft or vandalism. Businesses always use it to advertise their new products or services.

Now that you are aware of different types of digital signage and its purposes , it is time to find a company that can help you with your business needs.

One of the main player in these field in Malaysia is Greenscapes Digital.

Please click on the picture above or  visit Greenscapes Digital Signage Malaysia for more details on the services that they can offer.



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