Ad Recall Made Easy. – Ad Recall made easy.

SeenIt is your Ad Recall champion.

We combine your classical and digital advertising campaigns in to an easy, unforgettable digital address that makes it easy for your target audience to find you again.

Because it’s not only about getting your ad noticed and remembered, it’s about getting your audience to recall where – amidst all the marketing clutter – to take that important call of action. – Ad Recall made easy


Did your target audience notice your great, attention grabbing ad?

How SeenIt came about

Did your target audience notice your great, attention grabbing ad? Perhaps they saw it while driving past that big expensive billboard along the highway. Maybe they saw your ad in passing while on a bus.

Or they could have seen it in a newspaper, on the way to work. But they were not able to take that call of action right there, right then. Perhaps they were driving. Nobody stops the car along the highway because they saw a phone number on a billboard.


Two days later, they remember the ad and want to take that all important call of action. Visit the website. Or call that number. But.. what was it again? Amidst all the marketing clutter, Ad Recall is challenging enough.

Ad Recall of specific contact details is even tougher. Many good ads get lost in the advertising clutter every single day.

Seen It ’s mission is to make sure it’s easy for people to recall the ads that they saw.

Make sure it is easy for people to recall the ads


How SeenIt works

It’s really simple. Just use the Seenit logo on all yiour advertising materials. On your billboards, print ads, even digital ads.


It’s visible. It’s unforgettable.

And when your target audience comes to, they will see your ad with your message, your brand, and of course, your contact details.

If you have a website, it’s just one click on the ad and Voila! There they are, at your site.

So if you’re the marketing manager of your company, or you’re representing an advertising agency wanting to improve the ROI of your client, contact us right away on how to list your ad here.